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Settling in well :D

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I just got back from my first-ever GP placement! It all feels so real now. I still can't believe I'm on my way to becoming a doctor, something I have wanted for years. This feels even weirder meeting people from all over the country, all strangers (or so I thought), it turned out that about 5 of the people used to live close to me and go to schools on the same street as my own. It's bizarre how I'm finding links and friends of family friends, it reminds me of something my parents say... 'it's such a small world'. I've put a pause on my hockey and picked up a few new sports, badminton, archery and the most exotic of them all scuba diving. The societies at the university are so diverse. 

My episode schedule might change, I'm still figuring things out with my med schedule. Hopefully, there will be an episode at least once every 3 weeks.

I am always open to feedback: feel no hesitation in contacting me through any of the available options. 

- A.I



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