Episode 2

Exams are around the corner!

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It's that time of the year again, but this time it's REAL! I know the exam pressure is sure starting to hit and I'm so glad it is. To be honest, I think for me exam pressure has more positives than negatives. Sure, the pressure itself induces stress but that helps me revise and stay motivated throughout longer than normal revision sessions. I know for some people exam pressure may do the opposite, almost stressing them to a point which has negative effects on their work and memory, lets us see what Vishwas has to say about things.

Vish also tells you about his revision strategy maybe give it a go! It has carried him throughout the years yielding consistent A*s, but it may not work for you... How would you know? Give it a go! If it doesn't work, keep trying new strategies. If you've got your final examinations coming up so the A-Levels or GCSEs and you haven't got your revision strategy sorted, there's still time. However please don't change your approach to revision if everything has been going well for you, at this point it's probably not worth the risk. 

That's not all we talk about, why not listen to the rest of the episode to learn Vish's ways of being an ideal student!

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- Ahmed Imran (A.I)



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