Episode 5

Well, Wellbeing with a specialist.

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We often talk of wellbeing, but don’t often (really) know what it is. In this episode, the talented Mrs Keeley describes not only what wellbeing is, but how she maintains it in her job as a specified wellbeing teacher. 

Mrs Keeley is the head of wellbeing at my and Ahmed’s school and works tirelessly to teach us about all aspects of life. In this episode, we discuss the necessary innovation of what we once called ‘PSHE’ and explore what she is doing to teach us all about life outside of our purely academic subjects. As discussed in this episode, young people often complain that schools lack in their teachings of useful life skills and subjects, which is something that Mrs Keeley attempts to change with her teachings, with the example of student finance being taught specifically. 

However, not only do we discuss the importance of well-being for students, but for teachers. Teachers are perennially under-appreciated, suffering endless work days, stubborn students and unfair pay, and yet they still turn up daily to prepare the next generation’s futures. Mrs Keeley discusses how she works to protect the wellbeing of teachers and students alike to cultivate a positive working environment at our school. I, for one, have noticed a stark difference between a wellbeing-less school and one with a dedicated team committed to helping all at our school. We’re incredibly lucky that the world has teachers like Mrs Keeley.

As Ahmed said previously, we are always open to feedback: feel no hesitation in contacting him through any of the available options, he shall pass on your feedback to Mrs Keeley and I!

- Daniel Middlebrook



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