Episode 3

Moving Schools is difficult!

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Both I and Maryam have been to a selection of schools, ranging from private schools to faith schools. All that moving wasn't without its troubles, however, I truly believe it has helped us become better students, changing our outlooks on situations for the better.

Although every time we moved, there was that overwhelming fear of the unknown, the more you put yourself out there the easier it gets. And that's not just for moving schools, one example I can think of is public speaking. I remember having to deliver a 'Pudding Lecture' at school around a year ago, even though it was to familiar faces who I'd have no trouble talking to normally, it felt sickening. With the pressure of standing in front of everyone taking over at the time it led to mind blanks and hesitation. I've come to realise the more I push myself and the more opportunities I take up the easier I'm making it for my future self. If you listen carefully, at the start of a few episodes you can hear my breathing being shallow, even though I'm talking to a screen or the other person, I still feel like I've got a room full of people in front of me. Overcoming this fear and mastering the skill of public speaking is absolutely essential for any career especially one which requires daily interactions with people.

In this episode there are a few mentions of bullying, it is still a sad reality, and neither I nor Maryam support any such activities and we make sure to contact the relevant people to get any instances of bullying resolved. If you're affected by bullying I've added a few links in the "Links" section to help, please do reach out to the relevant resources or talk to a trusted teacher/adult!

I've added an email address for contacting guests, please specify the episode and guest when writing the email, so I can pass on your message as quick as possible!

We are always open to feedback: feel no hesitation in contacting me through any of the available options, I shall pass on your feedback to Maryam!

- Ahmed Imran (A.I)



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